People v Brian Singh, debt collector at Partners in Credit

Brian Singh of Missisauga – Partners in CreditDebt Collection Agency – harassment – fraud – unlicensed debt collectorprohibited practices

Initial publication date: May 18th, 2020
Incident date: Early 2020

Fraudsters are using debt collection-related scams to extort money and personal information from unsuspecting victims, Ontario Provincial Police say.

A number of complaints have been reported to TC24 regarding illegal debt collection practices by Brian Singh, a debt collector at Partners in Credit collection agency in Mississauga.

One complainant specifically refers to an occasion when Brian Singh sent them demand letters with grossly exaggerated amount of debt owed. These letters expressly misrepresenting the total amount of debt allegedly owed to a creditor may include a commission that a collection agents expects to earn or a random markup for his or her collection efforts.

This practice is contrary to the Consumer Protection Act and Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act (CDSA).

The CDSA specifically lists any markup as a prohibited practice:

Practices prohibited

22 No collection agency or collector shall,

(a) collect or attempt to collect, on its own behalf or for a person for whom it acts, any money in addition to the amount owing by the debtor;
R.S.O. 1990, c. C.14, s. 22; 2002, c. 18, Sched. E, s. 3 (1); 2013, c. 13, Sched. 1, s. 5; 2017, c. 5, Sched. 2, s. 6.

If you have received fraudulent demand letters or have been contacted by any means of communication by Brian Singh, or other Partners in Credit employees, please contact Toronto Crime 24 and tell us about your experience.

Record, Report.

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