Chantelle Proios-Pro-Shield Security-wage theft

People v Chantelle Proios

Chantelle Proios, Pro-Shield Security Inc. – wage theft – wage slavery – employment fraud

Initial publication date: May 18th, 2020
Incident date: late 2019

In employment-related litigation and employer crime cases there is always a power imbalance against an employee. The employer always has more money, can hire a better lawyer or have an in-house legal department.

This complaint deals with Chantelle Proios and her company Pro-Shield Security. Our source, whose identity will remain protected, reported that they were defrauded by Chantelle Proios of around $30,000 in unpaid wages and vacation pay after years of hard work co-managing the Pro-Shield Security Inc.

Litigation of this matter is still pending at the Ontario Labour Relations Board. If you have ever worked at Pro-Shield for Chantelle Proios and had any employment-related problems like wage theft, or have been a victim of wrongful dismissal, please contact Toronto Crime 24.

Record, Report.

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